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Shipping and Packaging

How much does delivery cost?
We deliver for free throughout South Africa on all orders. The cost of delivery for orders outside South Africa will be confirmed upon checkout.

Will my mirror order arrive safely?
All mirrors are well protected and expertly packaged with quality materials, and then carefully shipped to your door using the most reliable handlers. 

How long will my mirror order take?
Approximately 3-4 working days, but it depends on where you have asked us to deliver to and the availability of the mirror or mirrors you've ordered.

Can I collect the order myself?
Yes, absolutely. You may choose to collect your mirror order from the Re-Flect Mirrors warehouse in Cape Town. See contact page for address

Watch the video below and you'll find out exactly how solid, safe and secure our LED mirror packaging is - ensuring your mirror is well protected so you receive it in perfect condition. Little wonder we have a 100% no damage rate!